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Dental Insurance

Smile Safari Pediatric Dentistry in Dallas, TX has a Dental Savings Plan. This plan is a membership-based in-house dental discount plan that offers numerous benefits and significant cost savings for patients without insurance.  We would like to offer our parents without dental insurance a low-cost alternative without the hassles of deductibles, claim forms, monthly premiums, treatment restrictions, waiting periods, referrals, and pre-determinations. There are no restrictions on when to schedule your routine dental examinations.  In addition, your membership entitles you to save on any treatment that may be necessary.

What's Included

  • TWO comprehensive dental exams per 12 months at any interval
  • TWO cleanings per 12 months at any interval**

  • TWO fluoride applications per 12 months at any interval

  • TWO emergency exam per 12 months at any interval

  • Unlimited periapical and bitewing radiographs as needed***

  • 15% off of our normal fees for all other treatment

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Plans & Fees


$150 per patient per year


$250 per patient per year


$350 per patient per year

For any questions about coverage please call (469) 232-2300 or email us at

Exclusions and Limitations

Membership is effective on the date on which payment is received and terminates one year later.

  • Membership is only renewed if a new agreement is signed each year and the membership dues are paid.
  • Care Credit and other third-party health care financing options may not be used to pay for membership dues or treatment. In the event a patient chooses to use Care Credit, all treatment will be billed as using usual and customary fees with no fee reduction or discounts applied.
  • Co-payments must be paid at the time of service. Any service not paid at the time of service will be billed at usual and customary fees.
  • No payment plans are offered under this membership program. No additional courtesy savings will be applied.
  • This dental savings plan is not a dental insurance program and Smile Safari Pediatric Dentistry is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization, or another underwriter of health services.
  • This plan can only be used at Smile Safari Pediatric Dentistry and not be combined with other discounts.
  • This dental savings plan is not transferable, and can not be used with any dental insurance coverage. It is the sole responsibility of the member to maximize their benefits by arranging all the appropriate appointments within the 12-month membership period.
  • There is no coverage for treatment, which is the sole option of the treating dentist, which lies outside their realm of his/her capability. Discount will not cover treatment that the dentist cannot perform or for treatment that is referred to a specialist.
  • **For most children under age 3 seen in our laps or for those who are unable to cooperate for cleaning with a motorized handpiece, we will use a toothbrush.
  • ***Radiographs will only be taken to diagnose or rule out dental caries and oral pathology and do not include panoramic radiographs.