Smile Safari

5510 Abrams Road, Unit #105 Dallas, TX 75214

Our Mission

Prevention and
Education First

Our primary goal is to prevent caries (dental decay) and other diseases of the oral cavity by providing age-appropriate guidance and information to both the parent and child so that they may have a healthy and caries-free mouth through childhood and beyond.

Comfortable and Anxiety-Free Care

As pediatric specialists, we strive to provide a relaxed and comfortable experience for your child so that they may view future dental visits free of anxiety and with a positive attitude.

Conservative, Ethical and Honest Care

Our goal is to present parents with the most conservative and minimally invasive treatment options. Not all dental caries are created equal, and therefore not all dental caries require immediate treatment. We always take into consideration the age of the patient and the severity of the cavities. We factor in the financial cost of dental procedures while striving to avoid unnecessary treatment and ensuring that the child will be free of disease, pain, and infection.

Informed Decision

We would like parents to be able to make decisions based on a clear and thorough understanding of all treatment options available to them including the risks, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of all options. This includes the possible outcomes of not performing the treatment. All questions will be answered prior to treatment.

Optimal Standard
of Care

We strive to provide exceptional care by staying up to date on the most current scientific literature; employing the best dental instruments and biomaterials on the market; using techniques that meet or exceed the standard of care set forth by our guiding institutions, and by following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s (AAPD) Oral Health Policies and Clinical Guidelines. The AAPD’s policies and guidelines are published every year and are based on years of clinical research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Fair and Impartial Treatment

While presenting parents with information and treatment options, treatment recommendations will only be based on what is in the child’s and parent’s best interests and in accordance with the most current scientific literature and the AAPD’s policies and guidelines. We welcome ALL children and parents of different backgrounds, including children who have severe medical conditions. We will try our best to accommodate your child and work in tandem with their other healthcare providers to ensure they receive the compassionate and comprehensive care they deserve.